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MeiKu (Roku Monitor and Control) version is now available!

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    MeiKu (Roku Monitor and Control) version is now available!

    MeiKu v3.0.0.0 is now available in the HomeSeer store and in the updater! This initial release is feature packed.
    • Monitor which app is currently open on your Rokus
    • Send remote control commands to your Roku
    • See the status of the headphones on your device (requires support on your Roku)
    • Launch any app installed on your Roku

    Please see the full descriptions here:

    Release notes Here:

    And request new features here:

    I have plans to add full support for RokuTVs as well. I have access to one and that will hopefully be in the next version.

    Please feel free to ask any questions about this release here. I'm open to ideas on improving the plugin and making it work great for all the users.
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      I've run the plugin here for a couple of months now without any issues. Can you tell me if the Hometroller s6 runs windows? It seems like above it is but I want to verify. I haven't tested this on Linux yet which is why I ask.

      Another thing we can do is to enable debug logging in the configuration, then email me the log that is generated (it will be in the logs folder under the homeseer install directory). Note that after you enable it. Turn off the plugin, then start it up again and let it run for a while. I'm interested to see why it's slowing down your system. This is my first homeseer plugin, so I'll need to see if I did something stupid.

      I will PM you my email address.
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        Answering your questions:
        Running Windows – Yes, the HomeTroller S6 Pro is a dedicated Windows platform. It runs Windows Embedded Standard and is sold by Homeseer.
        At this point, I am unable to run the debug logging because I cannot get the plugin to run stable long enough to got to Config tab before the system becomes very slow, the plugin fails and disconnects, and then goes into a continuous reconnect/fail loop.
        I sent you more info via PM.


          Locking this thread. An updated version has been released.

          Please see the discussion for the most recent version. You can find the most recent version here:
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