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    Originally posted by skavan View Post
    earlier wins!
    normal way to wake up sleeping appliances is a Wake-On-Lan packet.
    a device that allowed jumping to channels (netflix, amazon etc...) would be cool and as would input selection and volume selection as well.
    Finally a remote device that sends home, back, etc... (and potentially keyboard letters too) would complete the set!
    There is currently a control device that allows all the commands on the remote (up, down, left, right, ok, home, back, etc). For TV This has been expanded to include the "TV" commands like Volume, input control, etc.

    For changing "Channels" (not tv channels, but Roku Channels/Apps) there is already a device for that as well.

    I haven't tested the TV commands, but most if not all of this is available via a special action command in events as well that lets you send in a series of commands.

    As for the power on, Someone found hidden PowerOn and Power (toggle) commands. I am using those, but I am also sending a WOL packet just before those to insure that the device wakes up. This is necessary as 15 minutes after the TV turns off, it turns off the network cards. I don't know if this will work on wireless networks, but I am fairly confident it will work on ones connected via Ethernet.

    I will try and get a version up tonight in the Updater
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      This has been released. I got the code added that should automatically update the control device with the TV Commands if it detects your roku is a roku tv (occurs on plugin start).

      You can get more information here in the discussion thread for the release:
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