I want to be able to test the Roku TV features for the plugin myself as i develop it. My intention was to use the plugin's proceeds to pay for it and the TCL S series is relatively cheap. However, I have an LG OLED in the living room and wanted Dolby Vision and HD10 support, which the S-series doesn't have.

That leaves me with the TCL C and P series. I'm trying to decide between the two (55" versions). This will be for my office, so is actually larger than I might otherwise get, but they don't offer them in smaller sizes. There is a $150 difference in price and right now I'm still about $400 from the cheaper of the two. Is it really worth it for the backlit? I mean, if this was for my living room, I would be getting the P-series without question, but is it really "needed" for my office?

Also, does anyone out there have any other brands that they might recommend of Roku TV? My only requirement is that it at least has an Ethernet port so I do all the functional testing (and that it be 4K with HDR of course)