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Request: Users of Roku TVs on Wireless...

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    Request: Users of Roku TVs on Wireless...

    I just got my Roku TV and I noticed this node in the xml coming from the TV's device info: supports-wake-on-wlan

    I'm wondering if those that have Roku TVs can get the XML from the following url and post it here so I can see the various values of that node and all the others.

    What I need:
    TV Manufacturer
    TV Model
    XML output from this URL called from a browser (replace [IP] with your Tvs IP address, this can be found in the plugin's settings screens): http://[IP]:8060/query/device-info

    Additional Info:
    This tells me that we should be able to use a WOL packet to wake up the TV even in a powered off state over a wireless connection. I am still testing on my end, but I know some users have not been able to do this over wireless if the TV has been off for more than 15 minutes.

    Sent you a PM with the requested info.