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Potential bug: saving changes

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    Potential bug: saving changes

    Since I loaded up this cool plugin, some of my Roku devices have changed IPs. I can add the new IP into the config page, and it updates the existing Roku device in memory just fine. However, the changes do not persist after restarting HS3.

    I have discovered that you are keeping JSON representations of the config data in the Meiku master root device, and it looks like this data is not updated when Roku device info is updated; eg, the device changes are not persisted/saved to the JSON representation in the Meiku root device.

    It could be that this is by design or maybe most peoples' devices haven't changed IPs, so maybe I have uncovered a unique user situation.

    Thanks, btw, for this awesome plugin! So helpful!!


    Sorry about not seeing this. the update for the forums never notified me of this. I am storing the JSON in the root device, but I've had issues with another plugin doing that so I might change this one to store them in a file instead.

    Either way, I will check to make sure the settings are saved when the IP is updated.


      Thanks, and no problem! Yeah something happened with the forums, I think... I stopped getting any notices for posts. I've had to bump a few subscriptions to get notices again for them.

      Thanks again!