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TCL Roku TV support : Power On over Wifi + Change Input / Apps / Channels?

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    TCL Roku TV support : Power On over Wifi + Change Input / Apps / Channels?


    Just got a TCL Roku TV. Considering buying this plugin but have some questions...

    I run the TV over Wifi.

    Can your plugin control this...

    Power On the TV (Wake-on-LAN)
    change the channel to whatever (OTA antenna, FireTV, roku app XYZ, etc)


    Yes, the plugin can control it over Wifi, though power on/off only works if you have "fast tv start" enabled.

    Power contorl will also work over ehternet without that, but there is a bug in the WOL, so I have to fix it (this week)

    It might be possible that WoWLAN might work. My TCL has a flag called "<supports-wake-on-wlan>true</supports-wake-on-wlan>" which as you see is set to true. When I fix the WOL I will see if the WoWLAN works as well.

    For now I"m 100% sure that power on/off and toggle work if you have "Fast tv start" enabled as it never shuts down the wifi.

    You can do all the control you want and soon I will have the ability to have a device for "channels" and what is currently playing on an OTA channel (I can't do this for anything else as Roku doesn't expose it except for OTA)

    if you want to see if your TV says it supports WoWLAN, go to this page (put in the IP of your TV where it says [ip_address] without the []) and look towards the bottom:

    MeiAutomtion Home