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Meiku plugin And Hamony plugin randomly don't work.

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    Meiku plugin And Hamony plugin randomly don't work.

    Hi, *Linux Ubuntu user here. Mono 5.18

    I have this issue. I have to restart both plugin for them to make the connection with the hubs.

    When this happens , I am able to control both the rokus ( with the remote) and the harmony hub( with th ios app).

    When i retry with the plugin. Nothings happen.

    This Meiharmony issue is the one that is the more frustrating. Cuz I have to Open my cell phone the harmony app, or open manually the tv, etc. ( I do not have a harmony remote ). And I have two hubs.
    Since the app is working perfectly each time..: I did a ''ABab'' test (A means : command from plugin, B means : same command from harmony apps, a means : command from plugin again , b means : same command from harmony apps again. I think the problem is how to plugins communicate with the hubs?

    I have this problem since some time ( every days) but didn't have the time work on this . But if you have any idea , or anything you want me to test , I'll be there.


    Let me know if you want me to split this post into two distinct ones.. ? So one for MeiHarmony, and one for Meiku?
    I wasn't sure what do about this cuz I said to myself : maybe it is a related issue , since those plugins comes from the same author.

    Thank Matt.

    Edit: I have no erroer in the logs when this happend. The command just do nothing, and Harmony light in the front of the hub do not flash. ( same thing for Meiku).

    So i will enable debugs for some time and, i'LL repost here

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    Here is the Meiku log already.

    waiting for the same Meiharmony issue to appears to send you the other one
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