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Problem with Roku's going offline

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    Problem with Roku's going offline

    I have 4 Roku units three ultra and one premiere. Two are connected hard wire to the network and two are connected via wifi. All of the units are setup with a static ip address. The problem I am having is that the two that are setup via wifi periodically go offline and when this happens they don't respond to commands.

    Is this the expected behavior and is there any way to wake them up so they can then be controlled. Can you think of any reason that would make them go offline?

    If I restart the Roku it will then come back online for a while.

    Help would be appreciated. Otherwise the plugin is working very well.


    I've never experienced that with a Roku, only the TV's when powered off. Does the remote wake them when they are in this state?

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      Yes, the remote does wake them and operates normal, they just show as offline in homeseer. Waking them with the remote does not make them come back online, I need to restart for that to happen.

      I did just notice they were configured on two different bands of my wifi router so I did just configure them to be on the same band. Not sure if that would be an issue.


        That's weird. I'm merely calling some http commands on the Roku.

        When it happens again, can you call this url replacing [IP] with the IP of the Roku and see if it works?



          I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks. Has not happened since I changed both wireless roku’s to the same band on the WiFi.