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Keep loosing HS devices associated with a Roku

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    Keep loosing HS devices associated with a Roku


    Generally love the program. I have a dozen Roku's, running 3.2.06 and latest HS. Every few months, the devices created by the plugin no longer control or are linked to the device. I have to go into the plugin setup, find the Roku and create new devices again - new ones are created and it works for another few months. The devices have static IP's (through the Router MAC fixed IP associations). It is quite the pain because I have to go to the HS Designer and remap all the commands to the new devices every time I have to recreate devices.

    Wondering if there is a way to have the plugin "relink" to existing devices instead of creating new ones?


    That is very weird. Mine have always just worked. It just works based off of IP, so I don't know why it would stop working. If you see it happen again, please let me know so we can get some logs.
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