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Doorbell chime through Sonos

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  • Doorbell chime through Sonos


    I have a customer that has 6 Sonos Connects and would like to hear the doorbell through their system when it ring. Has anyone done this before? I'll most likely be using a S2 controller. I'd like for if to interrupt whatever they're listen to and turn on the Connects that are not in current use, play an audio file, and go back to what they were listening to and shut off the Connects that were not in use.

    Would I use the Sonos action Link to group the players together and use the speak client to play the audio file, then unlink the group?


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    That is exactly how you would do it. Just remember to “speak” the audio file when it goes to a Sonos Linkgroup. The plug-in will store the current device status, then play the audio file and finally restore the devices to the way they were.
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