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Warning in InitIO for Instance = received

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  • Warning in InitIO for Instance = received


    I'm seeing this when HS starts up.

    Warning in InitIO for Instance = received (, which is a different IP adress from it's server binding ()

    I thought it was because I deleted some zones and rebooted but believe this is a red herring.

    As an aside, I had to delete the .ini file and restart HS for these zones to reappear, however I still get the same error above.

    I've had a search around and came across this post but that's not really helped me.

    I'm running Windows 10 64bit,
    HS3 Pro Edition on a physical server purely dedicated to HS.

    Grateful for some advice. Thanks

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    It is a warning and it is benign, else I would have reported it as an un-maskable error. This is fixed in v30.
    If you delete players from the HS devices page, you will create inconsistencies between the HS database and the Sonos (ini) config file, that why there is a delete option in the Sonos player table (to be found on the Sonos PI config page). I think you did the right thing when it all became corrupt; stop HS3, delete the Sonos.ini file and restart all.


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      Perfect, thanks dcorsus. I'll just ignore it from now on.

      Kind regards