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  • Show If Optical Feed has Audio

    Is there an option / possibility of showing if a Sonos Device with an Optical Audio input is receiving Audio?

    I ask as on occasion the TV connected to my Sonos Playbar is left powered on while the connected Tivo or XBOX has finished playing a show, recording or media and the TV is left on in silence.

    If i could check that no audio had been received for x minuets then i can trigger an event to power off the TV, until required again :-)

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    What kind of TV is it, maybe there is PI support to show you the TV is still powered on


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      Its an LG TV but its a non-smart TV


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        No Ethernet connectivity?


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          No, which is why i was going down this route.


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            I see. I doubt Sonos will event it, but you can either look at your Sonos App, turn your TV on/off, see if the status Play TV changes. If it does, you can use events in the PI. You can also turn on the debug flag in the PI, turn the TV on/off, if you see events that happen when you do that, you can use the PI's events.
            Other alternative that people use, is they buy a z-wave switch or a device that can measure and report current. They use that to determine whether a device is still on or not and if it is a Z-wave switch, you can obviously use that to turn off the TV.