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  • CPU sits at 100% with

    I have had a Sonos system for a long time, and I had not really seen a lot of need to integrate it into Homeseer, but decided yesterday that I should give it a try. Once I put the plugin into my system and enabled it my system went to 100% CPU and stayed there until I disabled the plugin and restarted Homeseer.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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    What version of HS are you running?


    • #3, sorry should have included that.


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        Hi Chewie

        what OS are you running this on? Unless the plug-in is building its music DB (clicking on the buildDB button in the status page or config set to auto update (not standard)), there is not a whole lot going on. In fact unless there are events happening coming from the UPnP system, the plug-in does nothing.

        The plug-in heavily relies on the .NET UPnP subsystem, so make sure you are fully up to date on .NET (v2) patches. Did you see anything in the log file, perhaps turn the plug-in debug flag on and capture what it is seeing. If it is the plug-in the problem will most likely be in the UPnP part, seen some weird behavior with XP and UPnP discovery on in HS.

        I have the plug-in running on Vista and Win7 with HS v2.5.0.5 and no issues.

        Hope this gives you some ideas