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TTS Speed when using File

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  • dcorsus
    Hi tenholde,

    sorry for the slow response, I'm out in Asia on business.

    Maybe you can embed the speed into your text. Read this posting and follow the links

    I embed tags to insert pauses in my speech because I can't seem to find a reasonable voice that is actually understandable.

    Let me know whether that did the trick


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  • tenholde
    started a topic TTS Speed when using File

    TTS Speed when using File

    When using the HomeSeer Speaker.exe app output via the Sonos plugin, you can control the speaking speed from the Speaker.exe app.

    I have not been able to figure out how to slow down the speech when using the Sonos plugin speech-to-file capability. I've tried hs.SetSpeakingSpeed, but it does not have any affect.

    Also, I am using a script from someone else that speaks stuff, and I have not been able to figure out how to get the speech from the script to Sonos. Is there any way to have the text-to-file capability work whenever anything is spoken to the HS default speaker? hs.SpeakEx(60,"hello",True) works, but I need it to use the link for 60 whenever HS speaks.