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    Originally posted by ve3bwp View Post

    Hi Dirk, FYI in case this is useful info. My Sunroom Sonos is on the outdoor GFCI circuit and that heavy thaw and rains we got must have tripped it. So basically the Source speaker went offline. Took me a while to notice it missing in the Sonos player. I'm wondering if that's what caused the problem yesterday. I'm using the DiningRoom Sonos as the source player now and the announcements are still working so far today.
    Source speak off line ..... that will do it


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      Originally posted by dcorsus View Post

      Source speak off line ..... that will do it
      Yup. It's still working. I see there is an update for the HS3/Rpi imagine showing as available in the homeseer setup. I'm going to leave things alone for a while then make an image backup of the entire uSD card before running the update (in case it breaks something). Then if all is well I'll start the switch to wav based announcements. Whole house announcements are great! Time to order a couple more Sonos to fill in some dead spots.

      Thanks for your help with all this! Can I kick in a donation?


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        Originally posted by dcorsus View Post

        Yes please make copies of the .ini file and see if something strange is going on.
        Please read help file on how to play .wav files.
        I created the files using Amazon Poly TTS as per drparker151'ssuggestion. This was a great idea!

        Dirk, Could I further impose upon you to add an Rpi linux .wav or .mp3 sound file example to your help file? I'm having trouble with the path name to the file. ie Can you show what the ideal file location and path name is for .mp3 files to be spoken?

        I have the .mp3 file into root/user/local/HomeSeer/html/Sonos/Announcements/sound files/.


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          if this is linux that would typically be /usr/local/HomeSeer/html/ ...... The first slash is root of the files system, unless you are using the root users home directory. Also notice that user is not spelled out.
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            “Also notice that user is not spelled out.”

            That was it!

            Works fine now.

            The dream is alive!