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    What is the current best way to control SONOS devices in HSTouch?

    From my understanding the "Basic Music" in Default in HSTouch - is only suitable for ITunes. Of course you can use the buttons and reconfigure or create buttons manually to control a SONOS speaker.

    However how do you browse music using HSTouch to change your song (not by next and previous).. ie album selection.

    The only logical thing I can think of is to use a text element as HTML and refer to the SONOS plugin html page for the speaker.

    Is there a better way?
    If so can anyone advise how, and if at all possible provide screenshots?

    I would also like a way to select radio stations from my android hsTouch device?

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    Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
    However how do you browse music using HSTouch to change your song (not by next and previous).. ie album selection.
    As long as the HS team doesn't fix the problems around multipleInstanceSingleEXE type of PI, there is no solution unless you can somehow link in the HTML pages, but I have no idea how to do that. Every 1/2 year I try to see if any progress has been made but apart from some cosmetics (you can now see multiple instance properly in HS Designer), I'm still stuck with where I was 3 years ago. For a single instance, the navigation seems to work reasonably although at times I found the client stuck for periods of time, especially when the communication with the PI was lost, so in a round about way, not sure how well the customer experience will be, especially when navigating large libraries over BW restrained mobile devices. A reason why I never used HSTouch for navigating and I suspect why it isn't high on the list of things to fix/develop by the HS team. At one point there was hope that the development of the Spotify PI would drive up the SW quality vor HSTouch based content navigation but it has been now over a year that I read this and haven't seen anything since.



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      Hi Dirk

      Sorry I think I misunderstand; are you saying it is possible to use the Media API with the SONOS on a single speaker? If so, how?

      When I drag in the Basic Music interface - the only option I have is leave default.

      I don't get any SONOS options.

      I have the webpage working in my HS Screen although it is very slow as it seems to be cluttered by the home seer header. I was hoping someone would have separated it?


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        I would like to be able to use the html plugin page for each speaker in hstouch if the API is out of the question..?

        Is there anyway to strip the HomeSeer header and footers.
        I tried creating an aspx page in the html directory, but to be honest I can't find any of your pages or jscripts.
        Is this something you could do, make web based pages without the HomeSeer web interface stuff?

        This would be an improvement to launching the SONOS app from HSTouch.
        It would be even better if the bottom and top could be split.
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          Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
          Sorry I think I misunderstand; are you saying it is possible to use the Media API with the SONOS on a single speaker? If so, how?
          I've been testing it with some major workarounds but never released it because it just doesn't work. PCP from Squeezebox fame added a "virtual device" to work around the issues, I simple don't have the time to create more workarounds, in parts also because the navigation flow is hardcoded so it comes with limitation. Way back when, it wasn't very stable on mobile clients, but Rich may have improved the transmission efficiencies over the year, I don't know. What I can see is that there is a lot of communication back and forth between the PI and HS as soon as I turn on the "Media API" flag and I wouldn't be surprised that if you run this for x players that things break and suddenly everyone will complain why their HST Clients are behaving so problematic. So until then, the function is 100% disabled in the PI.
          As to your other posting, sorry not enough time in the day to support one-offs with lots of effort.
          Hope someone else has a better way off the shelf ...


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            'Way off the Shelf' idea?

            I simply want to be able to control the plugin in HSTouch, I think everyone would like to be able to select songs without having to use the SONOS app.
            I'm not sure this is unreasonable.
            The embeded music pages and the buildDB look like it was designed to do this..
            I think everyone agrees functionality to control the speakers and do TTS links are excellent; and you deserve credit for this plugin.
            A lot of people use HSTouch.

            So, duplicate html are not options nor is the HomeSeer mediaAPI.

            Do you know of any other plugin's or html controllers for SONOS which are able to select music which can be used in HSTouch.

            Blades media plugin removes the HomeSeer header and footers from he's 'client' page (using a tick box in the options) - would this be possible to add to your plugin? An ability to remove header and footers in your next release?


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              For the benefit of others

              A long winded way of doing it - but it does work is to use Spuds ITunes DAAP plugin with iTunes then download airfloat (jailbreaked iphone or ipad) or buy an airport express.

              Use the MediaAPI with Spuds plugin.

              Then attach it to the line in on a Connect Amp or Play5

              Then use the Sonos plugin to select line in.

              Although tested and working - I have decided just to open the SONOS app on the tablet which is a shame but less things to go wrong.


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                Originally posted by dcorsus View Post
                What I can see is that there is a lot of communication back and forth between the PI and HS as soon as I turn on the "Media API" flag
                I confirm and see the same when multiple media plugins are enabled realated to lots of HSTouch polling. This has been reported to Homeseer. And yes I added the workaround with a virtual device for the squeezebox plugin, but still not satisfactory (I am actually working on disabling the whole media API by default, asking users to enable it when they really want it). Dirk and I understand the limitations, tried to get this resolved but the reality is what it is.


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                  Guys, I can't understand this.

                  In HS2 the SONOS Plugin worked AMAZING. HS3 was supposed to be better, in all senses, but the limitations in te Media API mentioned by Dirk a lot of times in different posts, never have an official answer by HomeSeer, or I couldn't find them. Even something saying "It's not possible" or "It's not in our Priority List".

                  Meanwhile there are a lot of new beta versions and efforts for supporting the AMAZON gear, the new Toy, and things that worked in HS2 are not working anymore in HS3. Frustrating.


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                    I just purchased 2 SONOS:1 devices and installed the plugin in HomeSeer. I created some screens in HSTouch Designer and deployed them. However, none of the controls related to SONOS are working at all. Am I missing something, or does HSTouch not control SONOS at all with HSPro3?

                    HS controls the SONOS devices just fine in the Device Manager screen in a web browser, but not at all in my HSTouch clients.

                    Does anyone have this working, or can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?