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LMS web interface not accessible every 1-3 days.

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  • LMS web interface not accessible every 1-3 days.

    When this happen the ''real'' hs3 plugin can't talk to lms . And the cpu usage for this same ''real'' hs3 plugin process goes crazy.

    I think the hs3 plugin on the LMS side is causing this ? here is the lms log.
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    It appears that the LMS plugin is calling often HS3 to retrieve values to configure player screen savers. The LMS HS3 plugin should only call it every few minutes if screensavers are enabled (based on a timer in LMS). Are your player(s) using the HS3 plugin for screensavers (« screensaver when off » in player basic settings in LMS) and how many players do you have connected?


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      Hi pcp,

      I have only 3 squeezelite players on a 3 pi. Can i disable all the setting like on the picture here ?


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        You can but will not make a difference for the LMS HS3 plugin to fetch updates for screensavers. For that check which screensaver you selected per player in the LMS settings; I don’t recall if there is such as a setting for squeezelite players. If you are not using an LMS plugin functionality (remote button actions, access HS3 menus from LMS, or player screensavers) you can disable the LMS HS3 plugin. I am still curious why your LMS version is doing multiple updates queries (Plugins::HS3::Plugin::refreshData in log) very rapidly and if that is the source of the problem or not. Disabling the LMS HS3 plugin for a while might help refine that.


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          I think I didn't understand the role of the lms plugin. I thought it was pushing data, but it seems I was wrong. Now I get it, thanks.

          Yes, it is still updating every 4 minutes. Will deactivate it.


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            The 4 minutes is the update interval and should not cause a problem; I had that running for years to update player screensavers. In your dump LMS had a few calls quite close together. Not sure what would cause this. Any network issues between LMS and HS3? Are your using WIFI or RJ45 between the two?


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              Both are on the same pc . So using The pc is connected via etherned, so yes rj45.

              I edited the log , but is was written localhost + my hs3 port .