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Music not restarting

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    Scrub all that. I cannot for the life of me work out what is happening with speech. Sometimes it can be so delayed. Maybe 20 seconds later, other times nearly instant.
    Almost seems random.


      As I seem to be going in circles what about a simpler ( hopefully ) solution.

      In a script can I ...

      Stop the current track on a client.
      Read the track name and position
      Play whatever mp3 I wish
      Reinstate the original track and position

      No idea if the Squeezebox API is accessible like this


        After some TTS output, the plugin is sending the commands to LMS to return to the track position where it was but for some streams it is not always working (for example Spotify streams or radio streams) as that stream does not support it. It should work for local tracks. Per the log, it was seeking up LMS to stream the generated audio for the text (i.e. to LMS to play and the speech audio level appeared fine. The ‘pause’ is where that should be played. Hence I wanted to ensure that LMS can play that URL and audio file with an independent (manual) test. I look at the log again see if I can spot anything else. One idea is to increase the delay before/after, max track duration and additional speech duration in the speak proxy configuration tab of the plugin to see if that helps in your setup.



          Gave up on this ! But now back on it now .
          Still no joy . Speech is unreliable at best .
          Still see no way to ‘pause’ audio ; play ‘something else ‘ then return to the original audio at the point of pause and continue .