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SqueezeBox Plug-in V1.5.1 Released

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  • SqueezeBox Plug-in V1.5.1 Released


    Welcome to the SqueezeBox plug-in! The plug-in is available via the updater including a free 30 day trial.

    The SqueezeBox plug-in integrates SqueezeBox players with HomeSeer. The plug-in communicates with the players through the SqueezeCenter software to control players, display notification messages, update screensavers or receive requests from players. This plug-in also creates HomeSeer devices for each SqueezeBox player.


    HomeSeer HS2 features
    • The Plug-in creates devices for each player to display the status, volume, song being played and shuffle information for each player. The status page also include buttons to control each player: turn on, turn off, volume+/-, mute, play, stop, pause, etc

    • Predefined event actions are available to turn a player on, off, change the volume, play the latest song, stop playing songs or send messages to specific player or broadcast message to all players. Messages sent to players may contain replacement variables referring to HomeSeer devices to include information from specific devices in displayed messages.

    • HomeSeer IR support, i.e. the player can send IR signals to HS2 which can trigger events. Any IR remote that the squeezebox can detect should work, not just the player remote control. If you install the SqueezeCenter IR Blaster, HS2 can also send IR signals.

    • Scripting APIs for custom logic

    SqueezeBox player features
    • Supports player screensaver(s) with information provided by HomeSeer. The display can include one weather icon, device values and supports displaying information on multiple lines. Multiple screensavers can be defined; the up and down button of the player remote enable navigation through them. For example, one screensaver screen may display weather information, while another weather warnings, and another the last received email.

    • If a player is on, cascading menus enable navigation through HomeSeer devices, to manually triggered events, display caller id information, and listen to voice messages. Using the player remote control, you may control devices as you would on the HomeSeer status page, trigger events, listen to voice messages (via HomeSeer or player) or delete voice messages for example. Custom menus can be added to quickly change the status of devices or to trigger events and scripts.

    • When the phone rings, the caller ID phone number and name if available are displayed on all players.

    • The plug-in can be registered as a HomeSeer IR plug-in, using HS2’s standard Infrared support, Web Pages and triggers to learn IR signals, trigger events, etc. The main goal is to control HS2 via IR signals received by the players. Sending IR signal can be done as well.


    This plugin requires HS2 Version 2.3 or higher and SqueezeCenter 7.2 or higher.

    Known issue

    Upon installation, HS2 will continue the startup process and not wait for the plug-in is installed. For now best is to restart HomeSeer after the installation to ensure the correct plug-in DLL version is loaded. This is a behavior is of the new HomeSeer installer not of this plug-in. This will be resolved an upcoming maintenance release of HS2 2.3; the HS2 startup process will wait until plugins are installed. Also, the "Shuffle Off" and "Repeat Off" buttons in the status page are not working. This will be resolved in the next maintenance release.
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    As a reminder, documentation for the plugin is available in "<HS2 directory>\html\SqueezeBox\SqueezeBoxPlugin.pdf".