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HS3 Squeezebox plugin status

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  • HS3 Squeezebox plugin status

    I started a while back updating the SqueezeBox plugin for use with HomeSeer 3. It is a slow process as I had to deal first with other priorities for a while and due to the amount of changes including the new media APIs in HomeSeer 3 it ended up to be a rewrite of the plugin. It is going to be a implemented as a multiple plugins, one for each player and all plugin running as different threads in a single exe. HS3 devices (including their buttons) as specified by the new media APIs will be associated with each player/plugin. The discovery of players, creation/management of the plugins per player and interaction with LMS is working but querying the library via the media APIs is not yet complete. In the HomeSeer 3 version, the different libraries (local, favorites, Internet Radios, Apps such as Spotify, Pandora, etc) will each be in a different library type. Within each of these library types you can then browse by genre/artist/album/playlists which will be much better than the organization in HomeSeer 2. While the version for HomeSeer 3 will be based on the new media APIs (with some extensions), HS Touch does not yet support them.

    As before the version for HomeSeer 3 can be used as Speak Proxy and hs speak announcements on SqueezeBox players. But for the announcement it will not support the built-in TTS or WaveIn and only use the hs speakToFile API. This will make it easier if in the longer term I decide to support a Linux version. Post here if anybody really needs the WaveIn support.

    Trigger and actions are currently work in progress as well as some restructuring of the media libraries. I need to complete these before releasing a beta.

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    pcp, any chance the players could act as vitural speaker clients somehow? I.e. send a specific announcement to a specific player vs. making the plugin the main speak proxy and then setting speak volume greater than 0 for the one player?


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      +1 for the virtual speaker client / announcement idea. The Airplay express plugin (as an example) seem to do something similar, by using the airplay device as the speaker client name it will (apparently) be routed to that client. Perhaps something similar with your plugin could be achieved.


      Host:Instance being represented like Squezebox:Player, e.g. Squeezebox:Kitchen would play the TTS to the Kitchen player being controlled by the Squeezebox plugin, and the plugin would then handle the speak volume etc.
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        I would also like the adressebility of specific Squeeze clients for speach.
        Might be a hard one I imagine as there will be challenges (is client synchronised or not?).
        No specific needs for wavein here I guess, but then I never paid attention on why I would need it

        Looking forward to the new version pcp!

        -- Wim

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          +1 for the virtual speaker client / announcement idea.


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            I wrestle with the client's sycned or not as well. I sync them for music but then announcements may or may not be synced. For this reason I steered away from TTS in the plugin as you end up with that you need dedicated music vs voice channels. If this could be overcome, it would be great.


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              Thanks for the feedback and I will look at adding the TTS speak filtering by pluginlayer.

              Note that in the current HS2 beta you can do part of that filtering SqueezeBox pluing (for all players) vs other speaker clients by specifying the plugin client name in the config (and of course specify the client in the speak command).


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                HS3 Squeezebox plugin status

                Any update?


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                  yes... a first version is in the available via the updater as of today Give it a try and also check post