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    I just wanted to say this is the best Homeseer Plugin out there. This is the only Homeseer plugin that just worked. I am new to Homeseer and this app is the reason I choice Homeseer. I had a pool installed last summer and wanted to use all the options that come with PS4 broad. Using the Hayward remotes or website were not an option because of the price and lack of functionality for the price point. i was able to find a CQ-Serial for 100 bucks used on ebay, basically the price i would have paid for the Hayward options to control the pool would have was the same price as me getting the automating my home with homeseer. that includes multiple lights and security system.

    I do have a questions. I was wondering if it is possible to adjust a VSP motor with a script like the heater.

    Also, the display has only four buttons to run group settings can you add additional ones through homeseer.

    FYI i have never programmed scripts with homeseer.

    Thanks again for a great app.

    Thanks TheMuscat! Glad you like the plugin.

    It has been a while since you posted, so I imagine you have had a little time to practice creating HS Events. You will find that Events are pretty powerful. Using events you can simulate pressing any of the buttons on the pool controller, so it is likely you can do anything you describe in your post with a combination of events. HS have a great series of how to videos which can get you started and if you read through some of the other threads in the plugin's forums you can find some examples.

    Let me know if you have trouble.




      Hi Mike
      yes I have been able to do almost everything I need with a combination of H3 events and group settings in the the prologic board.

      There is one thing I can’t figure out and that is to control the speed of the pump. I have a VSP and I would like to be able to program the speed like I do the heat set point. Any suggestions?

      The timer options on the prologic board are not the best and I would rather create timers and events in HS3.


        If your pump status is properly displaying the current pump speed, you can create an events. Let me give you an example...if you have a 3 speed pump (Off, Slow, Med, Fast), you could setup something like:

        Master Event : Manually Triggered : "Change Pump to Slow" (condition if pump status NOT = "Slow") : perform the following actions...
        Execute Sub Event "Change Pump From Off to Slow"
        Execute Sub Event "Change Pump From Medium to Slow"
        Execute Sub Event "Change Pump From Fast to Slow"
        End Master Event

        Sub Event : Manually Triggered : "Change Pump From Off to Slow" (condition if pump status = "Off") : Action (simulate button presses necessary to go from off to slow)
        Sub Event : Manually Triggered : "Change Pump From Medium to Slow" (condition if pump status = "Off") : Action (simulate button presses necessary to go from Medium to slow)
        Sub Event : Manually Triggered : "Change Pump From Fast to Slow" (condition if pump status = "Off") : Action (simulate button presses necessary to go from Fast to slow)

        Have you tried something like this yet?

        Let me know how it goes. I'm sure we can figure this out together and get it working for you!



          Hi Mike
          I see where you are going with this but my system has percentages of speed instead of three preset speeds. I believe i could use the same logic by comparing the current speed to deserved speed and simulate button presses.

          The big question i have is how to I simulate button presses?


            Yes...the same logic applies. I think most VSP pumps allow you set a certain number of preset speeds which can be cycled through with subsequent presses of the controller button. I would need to your your specific model to help you with that. If you can create a set of preset speeds, then you can use the logic I proposed.

            You can simulate pressing any of the controller buttons by creating an event action to "Control a device" then scroll through the list of devices until you find your pump. You then select the pump in the next dropdown.

            Give it a shot and see how it works.