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Compatibility with OnCommand unit

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  • Compatibility with OnCommand unit

    I noticed on the Hayward site that my OnCommand unit works with AquaConnect.

    Would my OnCommand plus a AQ-CO-Serial combination work with your Plugin?

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    My plugin will interface with aq-co-serial, so if it is fully compatible with that interface, then I would think so. Need to be careful it interfaces with serial version of aquaconnect, and not just the homenet version. I have not tested this myself, so you would be breaking new ground to see if this works, unless someone else out there has already tried it.

    Let us know if you try it.


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      I'm giving it a shot but I have 2 questions.

      I'm using Linux and setup a virtual com port but it doesn't show up as a choice on the HS manage plugin page for me to choose for communication.

      What is the correct RS232 settings between the GC and the AQ-CO-Serial?


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        You will need to first troubleshoot why Linux is not passing the virtual com port to homeseer. What are you using to setup the virtual com port in Linux?

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          I'm using the socat command and I see the virtualcom0 port in the dev directory


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            I restarted the Homeseer to see if the Virtual Com port showed up but now I'm getting a Failed getting InterfaceStatus error. I believe those are resolved by editing the ini file, but not sure what to edit.


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              Is the virtual com port showing up in the manage plugin screen after reboot? You have to figure out that issue first. The plugin will not properly initialize without being associated with a working com port.

              Have you checked your linux logs to see if the socat commend is generating any errors which could be used to troubleshoot what is going on?

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                Aa I try to unravel how to have virtual ports show up on interface list, I have a few questions.
                On which pins should I see the power from the OnCommand to the AQ-CO-Serial device?
                If I temporarily connect the AQ-CO-SERIAL to my PC are there commands I can send to the port to see if the AQ-CO-Serial to tell me that it's working


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                  Here is the manual for the AQ-CO-Serial.

                  The configuration to communicate with the serial port needs to be: Asynchronous serial mode is used with the following character format: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, no parity and 2 stop bits. The data rate is 19.2 kbps.

                  If you want to temporarily see if your AQ-CO-Serial is actually sending serial data, then you could hook it up to a PC as you suggested and then use some sort of serial port monitoring software to see if data is being received. I think there is freeware software available to do this.

                  Once you confirm it is working on a PC, then you could try the same thing on a PC, but using the global cache IP2SL interface to see if you can still see data.

                  If this works, then you just need to figure out the right way to confirm proper communications with socat command in linux. I have never actually attempted this, so I may not be much help to you there. I would recommend you try and test communications directly using a serial port on your linux machine if possible first. If you do not have a serial port, then perhaps try using USB to serial adapter.

                  Hope this helps!