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    Anyway to control the speed of a variable speed pump?

    Unfortunately no way to do it with the plugin as the controller itself does not have this feature. You could use one of your spare Aux buttons to activate a “group”. Here is what the user manual says about that feature…which sounds promising…
    Variable Speed in Groups. The Pro Logic can be programmed to use alternate pump speeds while running group commands. This allows the pump(s) to be set to a higher or lower speed than normal, while the group is activated. When the group stops, the speed will return to its normal setting. Changing the speed setting while the group is running will make the group release the alternate speed setting and revert back to the normal speed setting. Any changes that are made at that point will affect the normal speed setting. The next time the group is activated, the speed will return to the group speed setting that was originally programmed in the Configuration Menu. To change the speed setting while the group is running, go to the Settings menu and press the +/- button while “Group Control” is displayed. The speed setting will change to the normal speed setting.

    Then you could just use a plugin event to simulate pressing that Aux button when you want to change speed.

    Alternative would be to create a collection of events to simulate pressing the + or - button a certain number of times depending on the initial pump status. A bit tedious, but doable.

    Let me know how it goes.