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  • Aquaconnect + Alexa

    I love AquaConnect and use it to control my pool system via events, the graphic Control page on computer and phone.... but want to be able to use it with Alexa. My Alexa does not recognize any of the Aquaconnect devices and I thus cant control the pool to say, for example "Turn Spa ON" etc. Is there a way to make Alexa recognize AquaConnect?

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    Thanks for the suggestion for future improvements to the plugin. I think Alexa has built in event support, so a workaround would be to create some events for the things you would like to control and then command alexa to run those events. Will be a few extra words to say though . Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.


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      Tks - Will try the event approach... Pls let us know if/when direct device control via Alexa is a reality!


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        I created a Virtual device I named "Spa" that is controllable via Alexa.
        Turning on the device triggers an event that sets the AquaConnect "mode" device to "Spa" (and a few other things).
        So I can just say "Alexa, turn on spa" to turn on the spa