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Control Functions Responding Intermittently

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    Control Functions Responding Intermittently

    My system was working flawlessly for about two years until just the last few weeks. While I can control my system through my homeseer system, the system is not always responding to button presses and control signals from homeseer. Controls via the local display work as expected.

    The homeseer status menu display and component statuses update immediately, including when I control functions on the local display. However when I send a control signal through the AQ-CO-SERIAL , the system only responds about 25% of the time. Example, I have to press the menu button 5-6 times before the system responds. This behavior is the same for all other features (e.g. filter, lights, aux1, aux2, etc).

    I have triple checked wiring and connections, which all seem intact/correct. I am leaning towards a failing COM port or possibly failing local display (hayward tech support suggested this as a possibility), but any troubleshooting guidance would be greatly appreciated!


    Hi Anwallac,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Did ANYTHING change in your homeseer setup? Did you upgrade to HS4?

    It does sounds like something is interfering with communications. The homeseer status menu updates very regularly, but commands are only sent one with each button press. So, if there is an intermittent communication issue it may not be as noticeable on the status display.

    The only way to confirm serial port is actually transmitting correct data to AQ-CO-SERIAL is to setup some sort of serial port monitor. To confirm that the plugin is sending data with each button press you could monitor the logs on one browser and using control buttons on another.

    Are you getting any errors in the log?

    That's about all I can think of.

    Let me know how it goes!


      Hey thanks for the response! I was getting no errors in the HomeSeer log so decided to focus on my pool panel. I went ahead and replaced the local display and to my surprise it fixed the issue I was having! Thanks for the support.