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    Works with HS4?

    Is anyone using this with HS4 without issues? Thanks!

    Yes! I have been running AquaConnect with HS4 for about 8 months. I absolutely love it!

    I am running on a Raspberry Pi. The tricky part wasn't the plugin, it was making sure I had all the right parts to hook up to the Hayward controller. Once I got all that straight and got the equipment installed, the plugin worked like a champ.

    Make sure you adhere to the developers hardware requirements:
    • Hayward Aqua Logic or Pro Logic models PS-4, PS-8, PS-8V, and PS-16 pool controllers (with compatible firmware) ***MUST BE "PS" Series Model***
    • AquaConnect serial home automation interface module (model AQ-CO-SERIAL). Note: Plugin is NOT compatible with AquaConnect Home Network (AQ-CO-HOMENET)

    I have the following equipment working with the plugin:
    • VSP Filter Pump
    • Pool Lights
    • Gas Heater
    • Sense and Dispense System
    I can do everything, turn on the filter, lights, heater, and get readings for all the key info. You can even issue an "unlock configuration menu" command.

    The plugin has an easy to use setup routine that creates all the virtual devices you need to work with Homeseer. There is also a web-based UI that simulates the service panel.

    But, I don't use the web-based UI. I setup a custom dashboard using HSBuddy (Android/iOS) app. See screenshots.

    Finally, I setup an event that emails me whenever the "Check System" light comes on.

    The plugin makes the clunky Hayward AQ-CO-SERIAL system feel pretty modern. "Mister2t", the developer, has done a great job as there isn't a modern API and only limited information provided by Hayward. As an example, there isn't an API command to "set the heater" to a particular point. Instead, the developer had to issue a series of commands similar to how they would be entered at the service panel.

    While I can't speak for every configuration, my setup works perfectly!

    HSBuddy Dashboard:
    Click image for larger version

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      I am limited in my ability to implement the serial connected AquaConnect unit. It is a matter of running the serial connection through the attic... getting too old. As I understand it, the other Hayward AquaConnect unit receives signals and send signals to the same RF antenna that I have supporting a Hayward Goldline AQL2-POD2 AquaPod 2.0 Touchscreen and would connect to my local area network. The product description pages mention “AquaConnect Home Network” and the ability of locally connected computers to access the AquaConnect via a local IP address. At this point a web page is provided by the AquaConnect. I want to send the same http commands but, from my Homeseer system (HS4).

      Before I buy the unit, does anyone have the http commands that are used to communicate with the AquaConnect? This would allow me to integrate the pool controls with other automation such as lights, HVAC, and Audio Visual devices. Of note, I already send and receive data from my surveillance cameras using http command strings.


        How about mounting the AQ-CO-SERIAL out by your pool and communicating to it by using a Wi-fi to usb conversion.


          Hi guys,

          My pool control board has lost its ability to keep time, so I figured I would just have this plugin turn the pump on and off. Problem is I can't seem to handle the condition "if the filter is on". So in an event, I can turn the Filter on and off by toggling it, but I want to make sure that I turn it on when it is off and turn if off when it is on, not just toggle it blindly, because if they get out of synch, I'll be turning it off at the beginning of the day and off at the end of the day.

          I've tried trigger values of OFF, ON, and FILTER. OFF and ON don't react, and FILTER is always a positive trigger. Same with their base values of 0, 1, and 1000 respectively.

          Any ideas how to read the current status in order to make a trigger IF decision on it?


            Hi brundog.

            If you are still looking for a solution. You first have to troubleshoot why the filter pump status is not updating with the realtime status the pump is actually in. It's status should be changing to match what is showing on the display. If it is not, then maybe the verify your plugin configuration settings are correct.

            Once the status of the filter pump is updating, then you will be able to trigger using conditions as you described.