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Buying new Pool Pump Advice?

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    Buying new Pool Pump Advice?

    I'm interested in replacing the old single speed pool pump in my new house. I seem to have settled on a Hayward model due to compatibility with this plugin. However, I need some help getting an equipment list together so I know what to ask the contractor for.

    First, we have a plan to add an in-ground spillover spa to our existing pool within the next year or so. Knowing this, I want to make sure I get a pump that I can keep, rather than needing to replace it again in just a year.

    Second, what parts exactly do I need, in addition to the pump, to get control in HS?

    I would prefer to use a wifi bridge or some other solution to get serial control in HS, as there is quite a distance (and hardscaping) between the pool and the house. However, my wifi signal is strong at the current pump.

    I'm a complete pool newbie, so please don't take any knowledge for granted. Thanks in advance!

    I would be interested as well. I have my eye on my replacement pump - a Hayward variable speed Super Pump VS or Eco Star. I'd like to know what plugin I could use with the required hardware.
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      Happy to help. I will take a stab at it listing what you need to be able to work with my plugin:

      1) AquaLogic (believe this may be discontinued) or ProLogic pool controller which must be a "PS" series controller with the proper firmware. There are several models to choose from, but basically comes down to how many auxiliary relays you want to be able to control. Typically comes with stuff you need to connect to a heater and filter/cleaner pumps.

      2) Valve actuators for as many valves you need to control. Typically only two are needed for simple pool/spa setups. one for your pump suction and one for the discharge.

      3) Hayward's Home Automation Serial Interface Module (AQ-CO-SERIAL) + your choice of methods to connect the serial port to homeseer computer (usb serial converter, wifi serial interface, etc.)

      4) My plugin

      This assumes you already have a salt cell which you will now just plugin to the controller.

      Hope this helps!



        Thanks so much for the reply, it is very helpful. Based on the cost differences between the wireless and wired PS controllers, it seems like putting a wired controller near the pump, then a serial WiFi bridge there makes the most cost sense if I'm going to rely primarily on HSTouch for control.

        I can't wait to get this working!

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