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    Hi Mats2,

    First of all...Congrats on the pool!

    Here are my answers to your questions...

    1. Is it possible to set the Heater set points to a discrete value (such as 82 degrees) like,for example, you can do with dimming level a Light dimmer, instead of using down/up?
    The control panel itself does not provide a means to enter a discrete temperature (forces you to navigate to the temperature setting screen and then press up or down until the desired setpoint is reached. The plugin currently provides a macro to quickly navigate to the correct screen and then increases or decreases the temperature by one degree.
    The Lights/AuxN buttons all perform the same function as the do if pressing the pool controller (toggle on/off). However, if you desire, you can use "Events" to add this functionality (I do for many things). For example, you could create a "Pool Lights On" event which simulates a press of the "Light" button only if the light is currently in the "Off" state.
    The plugin can be used to perform all functions the ProLogic controller can support. You would just be using the plugin to simulate pressing the combination of ProLogic controller buttons described in the ColorLogic instruction manual. For example...instructions for the ColorLogic Network Module, say you could program one or more "Aux" buttons to select desired scene.

    I hope this helps!



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      Beta of Discrete Value Heater Setpoints

      I went ahead and added the feature to be able to set a discrete heater temperature using events and using the control interface.

      This feature does not work properly if the user sends other commands while the macro is running. The aquaconnect control interface blocks user input to try and prevent this.

      If you decide to test it, just drop the exe file in your homeseer directory (you will need to disable aquaconnect plugin to be able to overwrite existing file.)

      Please let me know if you decide to test it.


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        Hi Mike,

        Thank you and thank you for the quick answers.

        For item #1, as an enhancement, would it be possible to add a "wished" set point device and then have the plug in press up/down until the actual Setpoint reaches the wished setting?
        I should be possible to do with a script but it would be "neater" if it was built in.



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          Hi Mats,

          You were reading my mind. That's exactly what I did in the Beta version (See Post #3). I basically added a dropdown control where you can select the desired temperature...the macro does the rest.

          Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.