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    Feature request

    I wrote an AquaConnect plugin for HS 2 (actually, mine predated the Aqua Connect and dealt with the raw RS485 which was a little more challenging , but that's another story). I just downloaded yours and so far I like it---much more inclined to buy this than to go to the trouble of rewriting mine for HS3.

    The one feature I had that yours is missing is a button to sync the AquaLogic clock to the time on the Homeseer computer. I find that the Aqualogic time drifts a little, and this was also useful when daylight savings time starts and ends. In HS2, I have a daily event that runs at 3:00 in the morning and triggers this function (which, automatically adjusts for DST twice a year, since the computer clock changes automatically)

    It's not a deal breaker for me if you don't add it, but since you already have the ability to cycle through the menus looking for things and setting them (heater setpoint, for example), this would be pretty straight-forward to add.

    Second: When you finish searching for something, it would be nice to return it to the default menu. For example, when you search for the solar sensor update, it just stays there until the AquaLogic times out and starts cycling again (which takes many minutes). In that interim, nothing is getting updated. I would suggest that after you find what you are looking for, you always return to the "Default Menu" display in the LCD so it will start cycling immediately.

    Third: Heater and spa setpoints don't work unless you change the name of the device to "Gas Heater". Mine was left at the default 'Heater1'. I guess it's okay: I've changed the device name, but perhaps that should be configurable on the plugin config page. And, again, leaving the cursor on that menu item is just asking for someone to change the setpoint by mistake.

    All in all, pretty nice job--hope you can address these things but it's probably not a dealbreaker if you don't (too many other things to do right now to spend time porting my plug-in).

    Hi Pete. Thanks for the suggestions. When I get some time, I will try and implement.

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      Hi Pete,

      I attempted to add feature 2 & 3 below. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.


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