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  • Aqua connect wireless

    Is there any chance the plugin can be made to work with the Aqua connect wireless controller AQCOHOMENET?


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    Great question. Unfortunately, multiple attempts to contact Hayward and offer to adapt my plugin for HomeSeer to cover their wireless product if they allow me access to their TCP/IP API have went unanswered. Someone with the proper equipment could reverse engineer the API (less than ideal), but since I do not have the AQCOHOMENET, I have not attempted it. So, unless something changes, for now the answer is no.


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      Any movement on the AqcohomeNET? I have the Serial and it works fine, however, i am trying to go all IP based and get rid of the Serial connections.


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        I gave up trying to get a response. If someone here has connections with Hayward and can get something moving, I would be happy to try and work on it.

        Depending on what you are trying to do, you may be able to use Global Cache ip to serial or wifi to serial products. I used the ip to serial with my setup.



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          I did just purchase the Aquaconnect and it works fine and i could expose it to the Internet for access outside the home, however there is no security; its wide open. So, i think that will be a no-go, however, Mister2t if you would like my home IP address i can place the unit on a specific port if you would like to see the interface or craft an IP redirect into your plugin. I am curious, which Global Cache unit are you using and is there a link on setup with your Plug-in?


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            You could avoid exposing the Aquaconnect to the internet and instead connect to your local subnet using a VPN connection. That way you could connect to it after connecting to your router's vpn.

            I used IP2SL ( I think they sell a wireless version as well. I also used a virtual serial port software program ( which I used to connect the computer to the IP2SL while simulating a serial port connection.


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              I am trying you suggested Global Cache setup. Bought the IP2SL and download the eterlogic software and i am stumped with the setup. I looks like the serial device uses port 9131 and i tried creating the TCP Client device but no go. Is that the correct one to use? Need some expert assistance please.


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                Wait, i did more googling..... Found this and it worked!! Thanks for the suggestion as your serial interface works better than Haywards Pay-as-you-go setup.


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                  Wohoo!!! Happy to hear you got it working! Glad you posted the instructions you found...will be a good reference for others who have the same question in the future!

                  You may want to test how you can have the virtual com port software automatically load upon reboot. If I recall, I just added the VSP configuration file to my windows startup folder and it worked like a champ.