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New Prologic PS-4 install

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    New Prologic PS-4 install

    I just installed a PS-4 over the weekend and am super happy with the results. Now I'm interested in getting control over to my iPhone . At first I was looking into the Hayward home connect wireless solution but after reading the extremely poor reviews of the iPhone app I decided to dig around some more. I came across Homeseer and was impressed with the range of plugins available.

    My question to others out there - how does Homeseer work with the Prologic system?

    - The biggest complaint about the Hayward app was super long delays after button presses. Does that also happen with the Homeseer integration?

    - How would I interface to the serial connection on the Hayward automation module with the Zee S2? Or would you recommend I build a Windows box and use the Windows software?

    - I'd love to keep the look of the Homeseer touch interface without purchasing designer. Does anyone have prebuilt designs shared, or do I need to purchase designer?


    Welcome to the land of Homseer!

    I would suggest you spend some time on the forums reading more about Homeseer. It is a very flexible home automation solution, but does require a certain amount of configuration and setup. I will take a stab at addressing your questions:

    - Homeseer communicates with the PS-4 through a hardwired connection and a hardware home automation interface (AQ-CO-SERIAL)

    - Other users can feel free to share their experiences, but using the AquaConnect plugin and Homeseer, there is very little delay between button presses and response.

    - AquaConnect plugin is compatible with both Linux or Windows version of Homeseer, so should work with Zee S2. You would just need to use a USB-Serial converter if the machine does not have an serial port.

    - AquaConnect allows you to control the pool using the default HSTouch interface, but if you would like to create a custom screen, you would need Designer.

    Hope this helps,