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    Originally posted by mda View Post

    Autelis sent me an updated firmware for their box (version PC100JZ-ADV-1.6.16.jar)

    Due to the way things work on their end, it will now report <avail>8</avail> in /chem.xml when the chlorinator is not connected (rather than 0).

    Would it be possible for you to adjust the plug-in to handle <avail>8</avail> as this error condition? Thanks!
    if avail = 8, the chlorination error device should already report a GeneralFault error, because avail is a bit field with the following meaning

    Definition: Indicates what equipment is available
    Possible values: 1 byte bitflag array (0=not available, 1=available), bit0=chlorinator, bit1=chem1, bit2=chem2
    and according to this, the other bits are not related to chemical equipment

    so when available = 8 (1000 in binary), the first bit is 0 so the plugin will report an error in the chlorinator error device.


      Great, thanks.