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    I have the brand new i-aqualink system with the Autelis controller/plug-in and somethings work ,but when I try and turn the heater on the pool it turns itself right back off and just randomly changes the temp. down . I can set it to 90 and it will turn back off after about a minute and it goes to a random set point . I know that it is the controller because I disconnected the Autelis and the heater will stay on when controlled thru i- aqualink app. whats weird is the spa heater
    works just fine.

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    Does it work from the Autelis interface? If it doesn't, I can't help you and you should contact Autelis support or post in their forum:


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      I can control everything from all three interfaces i-aqualink app,autelis & homeseer but either the homeseer or the autelis is telling the pool to change the temperature back to a random temperature ,really not sure which one is the problem yet I was hoping that you could look at it in real time .


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        if homeseer is telling to change the temperature you should see it in the debug logs.
        To know for sure what cause this behavior, disable the Autelis plugin, and see if it still happens.


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          I have disabled the autelis plug-in in the homeseer controller ,I have turned on the heater with just the i-aqualink app and the autelis controller it seems to be keeping the heater on this time ,could it be that I messed something up in the way that I configured it ? I did change the names of the devices just so I would know what things are also i couldn't keep the names (pool or spa) because alexa wouldn't let me create groups with those names so I changed them to (pl & sp) in the homeseer devices page .


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            I might have figured it out I had the heater linked to another pool heater set point.I will try it for today and let you know .thanks Spud