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Sending commands too quickly fails

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  • Sending commands too quickly fails

    I noticed that attempting to control equipment via the plugin seems to fail if I don't delay a few seconds between commands. Would it be possible for the plugin to have a queue and a minimum time between commands option? It would greatly cleanup my events and I suspect others must have the same issue.


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    I learned early on that, as an example, rather than having one event that turned off the 4 devices that run in my pool in the evening I had to create 4 different events, each happening 1 minute after the next. Until I did that, I would often wake in the morning to find that one or more of them failed to turn off and ran all night.

    No biggie, but the issue is valid. Using the device management screen to manually turn off the four devices in rapid-fire order almost never just seems to happen when triggered by events.


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      could you provide a debug log of when it fails.