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PH and Chlorine monitoring - simple way?

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    PH and Chlorine monitoring - simple way?

    Probably not the right forum, but figured anyone lurking here might have a direction.

    I have a Jacuzzi hot tub that i would love to monitor chemical status for. Already have a temp sensor that i setup, but would love to have something that told me pH levels, chlorine (it uses a spa frog and enhanced shock), calcium, etc.

    and of course looking for something much cheaper than what some of these control devices seem to need.

    any ideas appreciated. i need a new project :-)

    Yeah.... I'd be interested in this, too. I've read online where this isn't really practical. However, Atlas Scientific has reasonably priced probes for pH and ORP. With the brain trust, here, I think it is doable....
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      I would love to be able to monitor the water chemistry of my hot tub.
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        I did a lot of research last year on monitoring a pool for pH, Chlorine, etc. and there was nothing economically viable to do this. Everything was geared towards industrial use. That said, I would love to know if anything new comes out to do this and get it into HS...
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