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    ROOT not connected

    I've been using the Autelis Pool Control app for over a year now and everything works well. The one issue I have is that status of the root never shows "connected and ready", it always displays as "not connected". This has never been an issue with controlling the various pool devices with HS3 or with HS3Touch, but now that I'm testing out the new Mobil beta, I'm having issues with the dashboard adding widgets that work. If I add a widget for "pool lights" and then try to use it, I get a message that the root is not connected. Any suggestions on trouble shooting this? Thanks.

    I need more information to help you: what type of Autelis Controller do you have? Jandy, Pentair, etc...?
    Could you provide some debug logs?

    I doubt the error you see in HS Mobile has anything to do with the Autelis root device status. Could you copy/paste the exact error message you get and post some screenshots?



      I'm using Jandy Legacy controller. I can provide debug logs if you think it would help. Here is a screenshot of what happens when I select one of the widgets - this was after selecting "pool heat" -

      Click image for larger version

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        If you provide some debug logs I can investigate why the root device always shows "not connected", but I doubt this is the cause of your problem in the HS Mobile app

        what is supposed to happen when you select "pool heat" in HS Mobile?
        does the widget work with other devices?
        sorry, I haven't tested HSMobile yet


          I'm just beginning to play with the new HS Mobile app. I suspect there's an issue with the Mobile app rather than the Autelis app because the Autelis app works in HS Touch. Widgets work with my other devices , Nest thermostats, Lutron lighting, MyQ garage, etc. There's a step where you pick the "primary" device and this seems to not work when the root devices isn't connected. I'm not as sophisticated with homeseer as many on here, so I'll keep playing with the app. When I tried to run the Debug, in the log I see "DEBUG WebException: Timeout The operation has timed out".