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Autelis Jandy legacy to Pentair Easy Touch

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  • Autelis Jandy legacy to Pentair Easy Touch

    Been reading all the forums and posts and hoping Autelis will get back into the game, but since they are not responsive on their forum I thought I would ask my question here. I currently have an Autelis that has an older firmware (Jandy/Zodiac Legacy 1.6.2) that is designed to be used with the older Jandy models (mine is probably 18+ years old). Everything currently works for me on HS3 using the SPUD plugin (with the known limitations on the legacy Jandy). My pool equipment has finally ran its course and it is time to redo it all. I have several friends in the pool business as well as my pool man (just an associate) who all say go with the Pentair Easy Touch system. So here I am.

    I am going to get the Pentair EasyTouch Pool & Spa 8 function panel (520540), with a matching Pentair variable speed pump, Pentair Intellichlor Chlorine generator (salt cell), and single wired indoor control panel (520549). My thinking is I can reuse my Autelis by simply applying the Pentair EasyTouch firmware 1.6.7, connecting it to the 4 wire bus on the Pentair and just configure as usual. Has anyone on here done that before and with the Pentair EasyTouch ? Assuming all goes well with the firmware update the Autelis should just work as if I had ordered the Pentair Easytouch version originally. My thinking is the Autelis hardware is generic to all the RS485 based systems and they simply create an associated firmware to handle the various serial commands etc specific to each brand/model. If this is possible I would not have to purchase the expensive ScreenLogic2 interface (which btw looks like it works remarkably similar to the Autelis in that it is a 4 wire RS485 to ethernet module), but is more expensive and costs more in labor to get installed!

    I am hoping someone that has dealt with this situation or a similar one can chime in.

    Once I complete all of this I will be sure to do a write-up as I suspect people that already own an Autelis would like to know how portable they are from system to system.

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    bump...anyone have input?


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      Well it appears there is the same amount of radio silence here as in the Autelis forums. I will be getting the Easy Touch panel tomorrow and once the rain finally subsides will report back how things worked out in case anyone else wants to try this in the future.


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        Update: I have finished my pool equipment upgrade from the older Jandy Aqualink RS-8 to the Pentair EasyTouch-8 panel. I attempted to upgrade the Autelis firmware to the Pentair Easytouch/Intellitouch firmware, but it would not allow me to proceed due to a check the updater does. Everything I have read tells me the Pentair and Jandy systems use very similar RS485 communication so I think this is just due to Autelis checking to make sure nobody can update the firmware with anything other than what it was intended to use. With that I had to abandon using the Autelis and have no way to purchase another one since they seem to have gone out of business. I went ahead and purchased the Screenlogic 2 interface and have to say even without Homeseer integration it is worth it just for the ease of programming and controlling the Pentair Easytouch. I just wish there were a way to connect Homeseer to the equipment so I can use full automation. The only thing I have found is an older plugin that does not seem to be maintained anymore called RSEasyTouch. Pretty bummed that a mainstream automation system like Homeseer has no way to interface with this modern Pentair pool controller. I am hoping someone will pick up where the RSEasyTouch author left off as that seems to be the way to go. They seemed to have reverse-engineered most of the RS485 communication to Pentair. I think that is more likely than Autelis ever responding and getting back up and running.


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          Yes, I tried to write different firmware to a Autelis device, and discovered that it checks that the new firmware matches the device or not.

          Someone more techie, may be able to connect directly to the boards for a firmware write ??, or write a new firmware package that fools the board in to thinking it is the original firmware.

          As far as a automation connection, See these on Github












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            Thanks Miamijerry. I'll check those out to see if any of them look promising.


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              I have an older Aqualink RS 8 we have been debating on upgrading it due to it's age I will be interested to hear the results of this effort



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                Bump, anyone checking these out?


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                  I have not. Been hoping someone picks it up since this is a gap in automation now. Too bad Pentair won't open up their Screenlogic API. They charge enough for it.

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                    Yah, I have been trying to follow the forums too here hoping for more help with Integrating my brand new pool equipment to Homeseer. I too have the Easy Touch 8 with the ScreenLogic2. Definitley would be noce to have the 2 beable to talk to each other, Pentair and Homeseer.


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                      I'm using nodejs-poolController, working well now. However, needs a way to interface with Homeseer. There was a half-baked mqtt plugin for it, but it doesn't work in the latest version and was only one-way (read only).


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                        Originally posted by baudfather View Post
                        I'm using nodejs-poolController, working well now. However, needs a way to interface with Homeseer. There was a half-baked mqtt plugin for it, but it doesn't work in the latest version and was only one-way (read only).
                        Definitely a big step in the right direction. Sounds like we need a HS plugin that can work with nodejs-poolController and we would have an alternative to Autelis.

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