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Sluggish control and feedback

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    Sluggish control and feedback

    I just installed an Autelis unit with my Pentair Easytouch Controller. The Autelis seems to be working ok.

    I installed a trial version of this plugin on an Homeseer S6 controller. Everything is pretty much up to date.

    I notice the plugin controls on the web interface are sluggish.

    For example:

    If I turn on the pool via the web interface I notice a delayed response. But the log appears to show commands quickly. Also, the graphic in the web interface does not change to "on" for at least a few minutes after the pool finally gets running. I also notice that sometimes I have to click on in the web interface several times for the command to take hold.

    On the login screen for the Autelis unit the controls and feedback have no delay and appear to work properly.

    I set the poll setting to 1 minute - no improvement.


    here is what happens when you click a control:
    - the command is sent to the Autelis controller immediately
    - 2 seconds later the plugin polls the controller to get any status change and set the HS device accordingly

    so if for some reason the Autelis controller takes more than 2 seconds to handle the command and update its state internally, then you will have to wait for the next poll (in your case 1 minute) for the devices to be updated.

    you can change this 2 seconds delay by setting it from the Autelis.ini config file:
    update_status_delay = 2
    then restart the plugin
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