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RFID Tags for Trash Cans

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  • gusterrhoid2
    I've had good luck using the very affordable active RFID transmitters from Others have posted about using these for many years well. I use the long range transmitters for tracking my vehicles. Haven't tried something like a trash can, but I have secured my transmitters and battery pack in small plastic boxes I got on Amazon that I think you could use. They would take a beating.

    Of note, Ananiah ships from Hong Kong, and it takes a week or so. Also, in my application, I've had to provide power to the receiver so you might need to plan on that for location of the receiver. Also, most here have posted about using the Blrfid plugin for Honeseer to monitor the serial port, but I had no luck with it and it doesn't seem to be supported anymore. The new Big5 plugin works great.

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  • socalsharky
    started a topic RFID Tags for Trash Cans

    RFID Tags for Trash Cans

    I'm considering an RFID setup to detect arrival of cars. The active tags for that use seem to be readily available. Another cool use that I've seen posted is to detect when the trash cans have not been taken out, or brought back in on trash days. What sort of tag could be used for this application? I assume that this would require an active tag, and most of those seem like they might be pretty fragile. What sort of tag are people using for this application? The jerking and slamming of the trash cans that occurs weekly present a harsh environment for any sort of electronics.