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RFID working on ZeeS2

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  • RFID working on ZeeS2

    I have a 433MHz receiver/transmitter pair from Ananiah Electronics
    Receiver RF8315R powered by +9VDC on the center pin of its power jack
    Transmitter RF40315T-x powered from my car 12VDC and switched on with the ignition.

    The RS232 port of the receiver is connected by a 6 inch M-F serial cable to a Global Cache IP2SL serial to TCP converter ($93.98). The global cache is set for 9600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit, and hardware flow control.

    The RFID data is received in HS3 on my Zee S2 by “Drule’s” IP - Serial plugin (version 0.0.031).
    I downloaded it from this post towards the bottom:

    Only the .exe file of Drule's ZIP archive is placed in the homeseer root directory ( /usr/local/HomeSeer/)
    The connection is configured as a persistent TCP client on port 4999 of the global cache.

    In HS3, I trigger events using “drhsIpPlugin: Received Triggers”, the connection is set to the one just configured, the String received is set to my RFID four character code, and the encoding Type is “Raw Text”

    This works pretty well. I will be adding more transmitters next.

    Kevin Z.

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    Great news Kevin!

    Looking here for a serial port connection for the RFID device.

    I have installed the above mentioned plugin and ser2net.

    ser2net configuration is:


    - Pete

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