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  • Creative Uses with RFID

    I want to try using RFID now but am having a hard time coming up with that many uses aside from electric door strikes, garage door control, and of course empty house/occupied house events.

    Anybody using RFID in a creative way?

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    Mine tell me when the mail arrives, if the trash & recycling are next to the house or at the curb on pick-up day. I've got them on the bikes and Kayaks too which causes the garage door to open when I arrive home when riding the bike or if the bikes or kayaks are in/on the SUV so I can easily put them away.

    These also act as a theft alarm. For example, if I'm not home and my bike goes away, I can assume someone took it. PIR's should have already caught an intruder in the garage, but I'll know for sure someone is there if motion is tripped following by the bike leaving!

    We don't keep RFID tags on our person while home, so when my tag sees motion in the morning on weekdays, the house knows I'm getting ready to leave for work (wallet going into pocket) and provides some info via TTS announcements.

    One of our vehicles parts outside in the driveway, so motion on that tag at night turns on the outside lights and plays an announcement. The motion sensing on the tags is really quite sensitive and will trip if you even lean on the car... we don't often have high winds so false triggers haven't been a problem.

    I've considered an "Earthquake" warning using the RFID tags. I figure if I could trigger an event when ALL tags go into motion alert at once, there's a good chance that it's an earthquake! You'd be suprised but if often takes a couple seconds to determine when a earthquake hits depending on the severity & motion.

    Most of the other stuff is personalized announcements, lighting, music & climate based on occupancy, etc.


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      I use the RFID mainly for occupancy & security. I have a DSC plugin that will arm the security based on occupancy & I like the RFID for this more than PIR's. I have several PIR's for other purposes. But, the RFID is for "human" occupancy determination.


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        Got one on my gun safe, so if it opens or moves I know about it right away.

        I was pondering putting one on the cat, HAHA

        I can think of all kinds of cool ideas that I don't have time to implement:
        I was thinking about making an alarm clock, that allowed you to snooze a few times by moving the tag around, but after a few snoozes, you actually had to pick up the tag, and take it to another area in your house, like the bathroom, or whatever your first step is in the morning (eat breakfast - kitchen) before the alarm will stop bugging you.
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