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Help! Seting Up Camera To Record When Trigged By RFID

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  • Help! Seting Up Camera To Record When Trigged By RFID

    Hello everyone!

    At the current time I have a setup that uses the iAutomater RFID system. To sum it up in short, everytime a bin that has an RFID tag on it passes the reader a corresponding time, date and tag number is written to a .csv file. The system is used to keep track of how many and which bins leave and enter the building. This is working great so far. However, I would like to expand the system.

    What I would like to do is that every time a bin, with an RFID tag, approaches the reader a high resolution camera would start recording until the tag leaves the range of the reader. These files would then be stored to a harddrive with a filename corresponding to the current date and time. The reason for this is that it would allow me to go back at a later date and see what was exactly in the bins. Using a motion sensor is out of the question because there is much traffic near the location of the reader.

    I am new to HomeSeer and know very little about cameras so these are the questions I have thus far.
    What camera do you suggest? (Needs to able to be installed outside)
    What computer hardware will I need?
    How can I integrate this with HomeSeer?

    I have no idea what it would take to undertake this project so I am open to all suggestions.

    Thanks for all your help!!!