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help with whole house RFID solution

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  • help with whole house RFID solution

    Ok this is what i want to do.

    put an rfID transmitter on each person in the house ( 6 in total) have a receiver in each room. I need to somehow have the receivers say which one is receiving the signal the strongest, thus telling homeseer which room that transmitter and thus the person is in.

    what receivers, transmitters and systems are available that could hook into homeseer?

    remember i will probaly need around 25 receivers to cover the house. I was thinking about mounting the in the attic above the center of each room.

    has anyone done anything like this yet and what were the results ???
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting

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    My understanding is that this is not possible, signal strengh cannot be found.

    Someone stated that by triangulating it may be possible but my experience so far of the rFid stuff is its not as reliable as you would hope.

    I have 8 transmitters and 2 receivers, I get 100% reliability for a few days, then for no known reason yet! 2 of 3 may drop off, then its ok again for a few days.

    IMO its not reliable enough to hook into a system for security but I use it to mute audio / phone etc when the OTHER humans are away from the house and Im in bed (I work nights)



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      Also, there will be frequent situations where the receiver with the strongest signal is not the closest - unless you have a LOT of receivers.


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        Which RFID system are you referring to? The CheaperRFID system doesn't do signal strength but the "other" RFID system does and that's what sets it apart from the cheaperRFID (this and other things).


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          yeah i have been reading about the iautomate system. has anyone used this to track positions in a house?

          i was thinking a simple script to check the signal strength of a tag then report back the receiver that has the stongest strength, maybe do that 3 times before updating a location and all 3 times have to match the same reciver.
          detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting


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            Ahhh Rupp, yes my mistake.. I assumed we was talking cheaper rfid, I forgot about the other expensive one.



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              The problem with RSS is it isn't reliable. The receiver manufacturer has been working on it for several months, but there are soo many factors involved, it can't be relied on. As was stated, sometimes the closest isn't the strongest signal.