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WiFi alternative to RFID?

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  • WiFi alternative to RFID?

    I am looking to get rid of my ActiveRFID system and install some small WiFi devices in my vehicle that will respond to ping requests. Does anyone know of any small, cost effective, low power devices that will achieve this? I could just use a WRT54GS router or something like that but it seems like that's overkill, kind of large and probably uses too much power. Any other ideas?

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    I assume you've checked the CheaperRFID stuff posted on the board.
    For me it is the least expensive and most reliable.
    You can hardwire the tranmitters into the vehicle with almost zero current drain. The transmitters were originally designed for button batteries.

    Or maybe by ActiveRFID your were talking about the cheaper stuff.




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      Yeah, probably a good idea. You could use DooNetwork to detect them. Only problem is you won't find one that will run a year on a battery.


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        I have been thinking along the same lines. Seems like as HS progress my RFID regresses, and yes I am referring to the Iautomate stuff. The tag batteries seem to be ok becuase I am still getting the range. The problem is the dog gone plugin. If HS has a CPU spike the plugin fails and sets events in action. I've tried increasing times to no avail. twice this week as I am driving down the driveway my gate is closing before I get to it.

        I had some cheaper devices but they sat on the shelf and I sold them. I never used them because I wasn't sure about their range. My driveway is 360' long. Since I only have gate functions associated with the current RFID I have been trying to think of some other way to control the gate...

        What kind of range are you guys getting with the cheaper stuff?
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          Do you have kind of line of site between the house and the gate? If so, with an external home antenna and a decent stub antenna in the car you might make it.

          But I think an issue you may have is with the big house antenna and a transmitter in a car parked at the house, the automatic gain control of the receiver may be knocked down by the close car so that the distant car may not be seen.