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    Originally posted by cactsbob View Post
    Do you have anymore information. I haven't used this brand RFID. I have been using the iAutomate rfid for several years. iAutomate support for the Homeseer plugin ended with JRE 1.4 and questions to their support about this go un-answered. Also, iAutomate is really expensive. So, I would like to have a cheaper alternative as RFID has really solved alot of occupancy issues with my system.

    What does the demo program consist of? Do you have the source code?
    Here are to links to the PDF that are included with the reader.

    Any help is appreciated.


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      Originally posted by nk89 View Post
      No offense, but have you actually tried this your self or is this just a theory.
      As said previously, I haven't tried, it was only theory.
      But I've now tried... several hours this evening without success
      It requires you send a set of hex code commands to it before it will spit out any rfid tag id.
      That's right with the demo software. But a French user made it work with a plugin he wrote and a RS232 reader. I can imagine that RS232 and RS485 respond differently. In fact I hope they don't. I can see different answers to the same command from the reader with the demo tool, even if there's only 10cm between reader and adapter.
      So for the moment I suspect my USB-RS485 adapter and will probably buy another one. I'll perhaps ask the reader seller before.
      As my reader will be far from the server I prefer to have a RS485 instead a RS432 reader. That's why I bought it.

      If you want to have a look and test the french plugin, it's here :
      It's in french but easy to translate with google
      Hope it'll work for you... and for me after buying a new adapter.


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        I've sent a mail to the seller.
        Very bad news. There's another big difference between RS232 and RS485 readers that I didn't know and didn't see anywhere.

        "The reader is with RS485 interface which need send command by polling method for card reading .
        125K-R-232-W2 is with RS232 interface which don't need send command for card reading ."

        So I don't see how to make it work, without writing a plugin which ask the reader every x seconds. Otherwise we'll have to buy a RS232 reader and hope the wire is not too long (I need 100-150m).

        If someone knows how to create a plugin for this, I'm very interested, and think I'm not alone.