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  • RFID Update - iAutomateRFID .NET & More

    Hello all,

    Just a note to bring you up to speed on our RFID Hardware and Software.

    We have just finished development on an RFID Plugin for the OS X platform in the past week. We are also working on an OS X Standalone App for RFID data gathering applications, which is the bulk of our Customer base. A typical commercial deployment involves 5-10 readers and 200 or more tags (where a Homeseer deployment is usually one or two readers with 5 tags). That should be ready in June.

    Some time ago, we released our RFID Track iOS App that works with our SmartTag Sofware, and we hope to modify that app so that it also works with ALL of our plugins. You can download any try the RFID Track App on our demo server. The settings for the server are displayed in the App's screenshots within the App Store.

    The completion of the OS X plugin is going to allow us to focus on .NET conversion for HS2, but keep in mind that HS3 is in the not too distant future and that involves a complete re-write of the plugin.

    We already have a working version of the .NET plugin, that is ready for beta release after we make one final change to the polling sequence. If you are interested in Beta Testing, submit a beta test application here. If you are interested, please submit your application as soon as possible so that we can select testers within the next week.

    New RFID Tags:

    There are are a variety of new tags available, all tags are now supplied as the New ActivDuo Tags and have an integral motion sensor that limits tag transmissions when the tag is at rest to conserve battery and also serves to transmit a distinct signal when in motion. Every tag now has an integral motion sensor, where as in years past, the motion sensor was an additional cost. When at rest, the tags transmit once every 15s. At the slightest motion, the transmit rate increases to 1.5s. This means that your reader timeouts will have to consider the 15s at rest transmit rate.

    Although Wavetrend continues to increase pricing to us, we have continued to hold the price on the TGP-A tag and the Home Automation Version of the TGP-A is availble at a discount for Home Automation Customers as a separate SKU. We will have to increase prices soon.

    Here are a few of the new tags

    New RFID Reader:

    The RX202-HA Reader is greatly improved over it's predecessor the RX201-HA which was discontinued last year. Some of the key features of this new reader are listed below:
    • More sensitive, up to 30% Increase in Range as compared to the RX201
    • New AGC circuit prevents signal "flooding"
    • Electronically fused input and output circuits for better protection
    • Can be configured via Micro-USB Port and Powered over USB for setup and testing (not polling multiple readers)
    • New Aluminum enclosure provides better shielding

    If you have feature requests, please submit them by emailing now. I don't think many will make it into the current .NET version for HS2, but we are thinking in broader terms for the future HS3 plugin.

    Support for RFID Readers, RFID Tags and the RFID Plugin is availailable by emailing I'd like to thank all of our loyal Customers for their continued confidence and support.

    Please note that although we participate in the discussion forum for Homeseer and may comment from time to time, this forum IS NOT intended as a primary means of obtaining technical support for our products.

    Thank you.

    Peter Monahan
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