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Passive RFID Plugin To Make or Edit

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  • Passive RFID Plugin To Make or Edit

    Hello all,

    I use HomeSeer Pro 2.5 for 2 years.

    I always had a passive RFID.

    I used it on the basis of this solution:

    He used the plugin here:

    This is only a .DLL file with an INI.

    Now I just bought the 3 HomeSeer Pro Licence, and my problem is that the plugin is not compatible.

    So I ask you how can I solve the problem, since I just started to read the SDK and as I am French and I do not understand and speak English very well, it will risk being long .

    Is someone could help me out, because I'm a little lost.


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    This RFID plugin is agnostic to which HS version you are running. Look also for mcsXap plugin for whichever HS you are using. For HS3 You will also need to read up on running an xAP environment. There are various posts on the subject. The pdf associated with mcsXap will give you a start.


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        I just noticed that you are looking for passive RFID. What I referenced uses active tags. xAP protocol is more prevalent in Europe than the USA so it the active solution works for you then you may find others closer to your neighborhood with help on setting it up.


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          I have a Passive RFID, but i haven't got the plugin for it.

          I am busy with xapmcsRFID XAP Connector where I can already see the code of passive RFID Tag in Windows IO window

          But as I am French and I understand little English, it is not easy to understand how to do to get the tag codes in a HomeSeer Virtual Device.

          With HSPro2, I had the code in the string and value of a virtual device and the status changed to ON.

          Afterwards, with a VBScript, I recovered the code and I could do what I wanted with it. I controlled access of a person and I put it in the OFF status of the virtual device for the next code.

          Now, I try to understand how to do, because without RFID, I do not know the complete migration HSPro 3.


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            I do not understand anything.

            I know it takes a XAP Hub and xAPRFID connector.

            But I do not know whether a plugin for HS3 and I do not know how to configure the RFID code to retrieve a String or Value.

            I give up, I spent the day trying to figure above, but it will not.

            There are no detailed Tuto correctly.

            Thank you anyway.


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              So I managed to inject information into the Value of a device, I began to understand after I pulled the hair to understand what protocol and RFID connector.

              Now, how can I retrieve the number of RFID Tag ??

              I see it in the IO window, but how to recover injected into a String Value or ??

              I do not understand quite how to configure the RFID connector to display the RFID code.

              I do not see the RFID code in the Message Viewer.

              And for the log, i have this one:

              13/11/2014 21:40:38 78038,49 | xapmcsRFID Debug Internal Timer Started
              13/11/2014 21:40:38 78038,51 | xapmcsRFID RFID Comm Port 4 Opened
              13/11/2014 21:45:07 78307,25 | xapmcsRFID Debug Data Received and Procesed: 6C005C
              13/11/2014 21:45:07 78307,27 | xapmcsRFID Debug Data Received and Procesed: 2BB3
              13/11/2014 21:47:31 78451,17 | xapmcsRFID Debug Data Received and Procesed: 6C005C2B
              13/11/2014 21:47:31 78451,19 | xapmcsRFID Debug Data Received and Procesed: B3
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                English is my only language so I cannot help with translatons. Manuals exist for both xapmcsRFID and for mcsXap. You will also need an xAP hub. Look at the mcsXap document as it tries to take you step by step on getting an xAP connector data into Homeseer.


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                  If someone has a plugin for passive RFID on SERIAL PORT, I'm interested.

                  In advance, thank you to those who help me.