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Putty and Big5 seeing card data, BLRfid is not

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  • Putty and Big5 seeing card data, BLRfid is not

    trying to get an rfid reader working with BLRfid. when i scan the card with putty open i can see the card number (in Hex) when i put that Hex string in Big5 i can get it to trigger, if i use another card it does not work (so everything is working correctly there)

    when i try to use BLRfid nothing happens. in the log it does say "RFID Receiver #1 (COM1) is Open!" and as expected when i try to open putty with that same COM port, it doesn't work. (so it is opening the com port it looks like) i added all variations of the card number (dec and hex) into BLRfid. there are not any log entries in either homeseer for any cards read or BLRfid for anything at all.

    of course i have disabled Big5 when testing BLRfid so to not have a conflict with the serial port.

    card data:
    Card number: 0011814828 180,18348
    Putty: 2600B447AC

    take off the "2600" then