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Connecting the reader

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    Connecting the reader

    Is there anyone that could explain why i can't use the standard four-pair eight wire ethernet wiring (shielded), that I allready have in my house.

    What's the issue, would it work if i just cut away the wires not used in the path cabel between the outlet and the reader.

    It should work, but for longer distances, you should add a filter choke on the reader side. Best of all is to use shielded cable, if you can.


      I got worried beacuse in the manual is says in red "do not use standard 8 wire data cabel it could damage the module.

      I do use shielded cabel in fact dubbel shielded, tested for 900 Mhz.


        it is more the fact that the wire changes pin config between reader 1 and additional readers. Damage can happen if by accident an incorrect device was plugged in because there is power on 1 pair. I am using 1 cable in a bundle of cat5 but I have it terminated on its own block
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          You cannot use the standard 568A or 568B LAN wiring *scheme* because the reader has both RS232 and RS485 Communications built in. CAT5 will work with chokes installed and CAT5 Shielded will work better but be *certain* that you know how to properly ground a shielded network.

          If you hook up both RS232 and RS485 (as would happen if more than two pair are connected) the the reader will try to negotiate both protocols and fail in it's communications.

          ONLY resder 1 is RS232. All subsequent readers in the reader network communicate using RS485. That is why the pin-outs are different for reader 1 (RS232) to the PC and readers 2 and above (RS485).




            Thanks, I will use the installed cable and modify the pathcable between the outlet and the reader.