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Any hope for my use of the pet tag?

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    Any hope for my use of the pet tag?

    I got tired of asking the kids if the dog had been walked, so I decided to try a pet tag. I've not yet played around with any settings, but thus far I get a lot of drops. Details:
    • I have one reader, set to RSSI of 60 and high gain. This seems to work well for all other tags (primarily L-TG501s).
    • I have the pet tag configured as a L-TG100 with an additional timeout of 60.
    • The tag is positioned on the top of the neck (if you picture the dog standing).
    She (the dog) is supposed to get walked twice per day for at least 10 minutes. What I want to be able to do is track if the tag is "gone" for 8 or more minutes (which should be about 10), but at least with what I have above this happens all of the time. I suspect part might even be location on the dog and how she decides to lay at any given time.

    Any settings I could change? Other?